Website of the Week

Personal Branding 101

  1. QR Codes are becoming more popular when it comes to personal branding.
  2. It might be a good idea to include your personal QR Code to your resume so people can get linked to your About Me page.
  3. Even if they don’t use the code they may likely remember your resume just for that unique feature.
  4. Include your QR Code on your business card that you hand out to people so they can easily find out more about who you are.
  5. Run an advertisement at a trade show with your QR Code that is linked to your own personal “Hire Me” page so people can easily find out about you.

BYU-I Comm

  1. This is a great website to get published and to add to your resume and works that people can easily access.
  2. There are many different ways that I can get noticed from this website.
  3. The website is a good model for how I can personally look to improve my own website.
  4. There are a lot of interesting things on the website that attract a wide range of people.
  5. Doesn’t just focus on our religion, but on everything in general.

Associated Press

  1. Major website that I can model my own style after to learn various ways to write.
  2. Great website to possibly model mine after.
  3. Website is very clean and user friendly like I should strive to do with my stuff.
  4. Many different styles to learn from and about to maybe bring into my style.
  5. I can learn from this website how to attract many different audiences.

Public Relations Student Soceity of America

  1. This is a great place to go and find events that I can attend to learn more about various aspects of Public Relations.
  2. I am able to find scholarships and competitions that will help me build a strong resume for the future.
  3. I will be able to use this website to find possible internships and jobs related to PR.
  4. It will help me connect with various people that are in the same field of study that I hope to go into one day.
  5. It can help me learn how to broaden my ability to network through different things.

Sister Esplin’s Websites

  1. I can see other local college students work and compare it to my own.
  2. I can use various type of media to visually attract people to my website.
  3. I can see other students websites and use some of their ideas to learn and grow as a student and future communications professional.
  4. I can get ideas for different types of visual media that I can explore around with and learn to do to diversify my portfolio.
  5. I can learn about great expos and experiences that other students have attended and see what I can do to adjust my own works.

Grad Plan Website

  1. Let’s me get an idea of what classes I need to take when to graduate.
  2. Helps me choose classes that I can take that have certain prerequisites.
  3. Very helpful every semester when it comes time to thinking about what to take.
  4. Will cut down on time it will take to decide what classes to take every semester.
  5. I can get help from advisors that will be able to tell me if my plan will be acceptable for my degree.

American Advertising Federation

  1. I can learn how to become part of the AFF and what it takes to keep a continual membership with them.
  2. I can learn about various competitions that are available as well as finding mentors, internship programs, and scholarships.
  3. I can learn about various events related to advertising where I can learn about advertising and how to get better at it.
  4. I can learn how to become better at advertising of all types.
  5. I can learn about career fairs that I can attend that will help with finding a career in advertising.

Time and Date

  1. It will help me be able to figure out the time zone in any part of the world so I can coordinate meetings or phone calls.
  2. I can find out how many days out a certain day or event is by using the date calculator.
  3. I can get a countdown timer for important events.
  4. I can get a calendar with every important holiday and changes in the cycle of the moon.
  5. I can figure out the international calling codes for any country.

Microsoft Office

  1. I can get templates for any of the Microsoft Office software that will help me make products that will be better looking.
  2. I can purchase products that are needed for my schooling from Microsoft.
  3. I can access a database of images that can be used for presentations without breaking laws.
  4. I can contact Microsoft any time I want to figure out what is wrong or how to fix something that I am unsure about.
  5. I can use online storage with my Office programs to save documents that I might be afraid I will lose by saving on my computer.

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