Class Summaries

Week One: January 10, 2013

Introduction to Communications Class- Sister Delaina Scholes

Today is the very first day of my COMM 100 class. I am currently a psychology major, but I am thinking about switching over to communications. I hope to be able to learn enough in this class to make my decision by the end of the semester. Sister Scholes seems really nice and hilarious! The first day of any college class is usually pretty overwhelming and I can already tell that I need to go over everything again to make sure I know what is expected of me. I do know that we need to complete an online portfolio so I decided to start documenting my thoughts and things that I learn so that I will have that for later. I am excited to get started on what might be my future career!

Week Two: January 17,2013

I-COMM Student Media- Brother John Thompson

Wow! I-COMM is really interesting and has so many versatile opportunities! I learned about the Scroll, Scroll Digital, and the Agency. It is interesting that the different emphasis options communications majors have such as public relations, journalism, advertising, etc can be developed through any of those practicums. Sister Scholes and Brother Thompson’s favorite word is EXPERIENCE. I learned that experience is the most important thing to gain in college especially real world, hands on experience that we can gain through practicums and internships. The more experience I gain the more I can add to my resume and my opportunities for a job that I truly want increase. Once I get that job I will have the proper training to be successful because of the experience I gained in college. One other very important thing I learned is that no matter what career I am hoping to go into with my communications degree I need to learn to be a good writer. Good writing is essential to all communications related careers.

Week Three: January 24, 2013

Journalism, Blogging, News- Brother Lane Williams

This class made me look at blogging in a different light. I have always liked the concept of blogging to share your life with family and friends living away from you, but have never really gotten around to trying it out. Brother Williams helped me to realize that blogging is a great way to open the doors of opportunity and sell yourself. The blog/portfolio we are putting together for class will contain a resume and letter of recommendation along with other information about ourselves. This is something that will be so helpful when applying for jobs in the future as I am able to add my website to my resume so that employers can get a better feel for who I am and what I have to offer. Blogging about specific topics that interest me and sharing my work related to those topics puts my name out there and allows others who are interested in that topic or looking for someone in that field to find me! I learned I can even make money blogging by working on getting a decent size following and then selling ad space on my website. I also learned the importance of keeping up with the news to know what is going on in the world around me. My favorite thing said about journalism is that it is deeper than just finding information and reporting it, it connects us to other people.

Week Three: January 31, 2013

Video Production and Broadcast Journalism- Brother Brian Howard and Brother Ron Weeks

Brother Howard began by talking about video productions jobs. I learned that entry level jobs in this field don’t tend to have a very high salary at first, but naturally the longer you stick with a career the more you’ll make. The importance of knowing how to write well even if you choose to go into a field where you’re editing video of talking in front of a camera was again emphasized to me. Brother Weeks said that working in news causes you to have to move around a lot and since I moved a lot as a child I would really like to find somewhere to settle down and gain a little stability so this career might not be for me. Most people get their news from television than from any other source. I learned about a COMM 397R class that is a hands on video workshop. This class only lasts for two weeks, but meets daily and is something I am going to look into for my public relations emphasis to gain a little more experience.

Week Four: February 7, 2013

Visual Communications- Sister Caryn Esplin

 In this class I learned what exactly the visual communications major was and the type of things that would be done in the classes involved in that emphasis. Sister Esplin did a great job of teaching the class using personal experiences from her own life and from various students that she had the opportunity to teach here at BYU-Idaho. She really opened my eyes to the importance of visual communications. I had never thought of it as an important mean of communication until she explained that life without images would be very bland. The Visual Communications emphasis combines a mixture of graphic design, video editing, social media, web design, and photography. It also requires a large amount of creativity and the ability to portray thoughts and words through pictures. Thanks to Sister Esplin for opening my eyes to the greatness of at least gaining an understanding of visual communications and its importance to communications in general.

Week Five: February 14, 2013

Stranded at sea on the Carnival Triumph…

I went on a weekend cruise with the girls in my fiance’s immediate and extended family this past weekend to Cozumel, Mexico. I was scheduled to come home early this week thus avoiding missing any communications classes. Unfortunately that is not what the fire that started in the engine room of our ship had in mind. Here’s a link to my story broadcast on Local News 8 in Idaho Falls.

dining roomsleepinggetting on to the bus

Week Six: February 21, 2013

Public Relations/PRSSA- Brother Ward Hicks and Brother Michael Cannon

Besides public relations PR can also stand for performance recognition. The public relations field is all about image which is something that has always been important to me. I loved the video clip that was shown called ‘The Power of Words’ because it perfectly illustrated how much of a difference the words you use can make. If the right words are used success is inevitable. A huge part of pr is changing the message to fit the target audience you are working with. By changing the message you aren’t excluding the truth, but instead looking and presenting something differently than it has been before. I also learned about PRSSA which stands for Public Relations Student Society of America. This society provides many great networking opportunities. Their three fold mission is to enhance your education, broaden your network, and launch your career. From what I’ve learned so far pr seems like it could be a great fit for me! It provides many different opportunities and goes hand in hand with everything the communications major stands for. I learned that pr is the most credible because rather than you telling others that you’re great, they’re telling you that.

Week Seven: February 28, 2013

Advertising- Sister Beth Hendricks

Advertising sells products and public relations sells the company. That is the number one difference between the two, other than they these two emphasis choices seem to go hand in hand. I think I will choose public relations as my emphasis and advertising as my module. Know how to use social media! I never realized how important social media was until this class. I thought social media was for entertainment and to waste time, but there are so many useful ways to use it as well. By keeping up with social media advances and learning how to use it you can perfect your advertising creativity and skills. Just like most of the careers I’ve learned about thus far in the communications field, the most effective advertising requires you to think out of the box and create something new and exciting to catch the attention of others. I really like what this entails. Creating and beautifying are two of my favorite things.

Week Eight: March 7, 2013

Ethics, Plagiarism, Copyright- Brother Shane Cole

Ethics is the discipline with what is morally good or bad and right or wrong. Every person has a different definition of what is morally right but in the business world there is pretty much one standard definition of what is ethically correct. It is essential for people in Communications to not cheat and copy the work of another professional. When you do this you can get in a lot of trouble with the law. Written word has been valued for a long time so it is important that what we write is our own or we give proper credit to the people that created the original product. In everything we do we should not take short cuts, when we do this it will jeopardize our ability to succeed in the future and often times it can get us in trouble with the law. When we you have an official copyright you have the ability to reproduce, distribute, show in public, perform in public, derivative works, and the moral rights to it. This is important for anyone in communications of all type. We need to make sure we do not break copyright laws and that no one copies our work without proper permission.

Week Nine: March 14, 2013

Internships- Sister Sheila Wener

This week we were taught the importance of internships. We learned that through various internships we learn what career is right or wrong for us. It gives great real world experience. It looks good on a resume. It builds a professional network. It makes it easier to get a good job right out of college. When looking for an internship we need to remember to invite the Lord’s help, clarify our goals, plan ahead for the internship, use multiple resources to look for one, and be open-minded when it comes to what we want with the internship. Often times internships are what we original wanted, but can be the direction that we want to take in life. To graduate I need an internship that is at least 15 hours a week for 7 weeks, or at least 100 hours. It is easiest to do an internship during your off track because you can focus on it and not have to worry about completely homework and con focus solely on doing a good job in your internship.

Week 10: March 21, 2013

I-Comm Student Media Follow Up- Brother John Thompson

I-Comm Student Media is an organization on campus that is involved with helping student get real life experience writing and reporting news here locally in Rexburg. There are many different needs for I-Comm. They include writing for the Scroll and Scroll Digital, editing, design, photography, sales, advertising, public relations, design, and video productions. Everything that I-Comm is involved in is a great way to build a portfolio to show future employers in interviews and during job searches. By working for the Scroll or I-Comm it will give real life experience in any field that you are trying to look for. Working for the Scroll is very flexible and easy to work with a schedule. For example, you will receive a topic to write about on Tuesday and have a week to get it finished and written. This is great for anyone with a job that you are afraid to miss out on, but it is important that you make sure your priorities are in the proper place so you do not get backed up on work, school, and writing for the Scroll.


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