Developing World: Lebanon


Where in the world is Lebanon?

Lebanon is a west Asian country located in the area known as the Middle East. It is bordered by Syria on the north and east, Israel on the south, and the Mediterranean Sea on the west. On the map below you can see the tiny country of Lebanon inside the red circle along with its capital city, Beirut, marked with a black star.

Map of Middle East- Lebanon

A little smaller than the American state of Connecticut, Lebanon covers about 4,036 square miles. The Lebanon Mountains run parallel to the western coast and cover the majority of the country, and the Anti-Lebanon Range lies on the eastern border. The Beqaa Valley, Lebanon’s main agricultural area is situated between the two mountain ranges. The capital is the coastline city of Beirut, the country’s main seaport.

POPULATION: 5,882,562 

ETHNIC GROUPS: Arab- 95%, Armenian- 4%, other- 1%

RELIGION: Muslim- 59.7%, Christian- 39%, other- 1.3%

Below is a traditional hijab, or veil, which many Muslim women wear in Lebanon, however you will find women wearing all different types of clothing in Lebanon. The hijab represents modesty among the Muslim people.


The woman in the picture below is wearing an abaya which is essentially a robe-like dress some Muslim women choose to wear for modesty purposes in Lebanon.


LANGUAGES: Arabic (official), French, English, Armenian


CURRENCY: Lebanese Pound (LBP)- 1 Lebanese Pound equals 0.00066 US Dollars













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