Project 5: Logos



These are three logos I created in Adobe Illustrator for my personal business that I’m in the process of organizing and opening up on


I had so much fun creating these logos! First I drew out several ideas for my logos on paper to get an idea of what I wanted. Then I went into Adobe Illustrator and began the first logo by choosing the ellipse tool and making the basic oval shape. I then selected a mint green color for the background fill. I used the ellipse tool again to create all of the smaller circles/ovals on the outside of the main shape. I copied and pasted the original smaller circle so that they would all be the same size and shape. I then selected the text tool and typed my logo initials in the inside of the shape. I used the line segment tool to make the arrow that goes through the logo initials. For my second logo I used the arc tool and the line segment tool to make the basic outline of the banner. I then used the paintbrush to fill in the color and trace over the original lines to give it a hand drawn feel. I used typography principles and the text tool to write out the name of the company underneath the banner. For my final logo I used the text tool to type out the name of the company and then the selection tool to select the text and rotate it so that it is vertical. I used the arc tool to create most of the birdcage and the ellipse tool to create the handle of the cage. Once I was finished with each image I grouped all of the elements together so I could move them around the page if needed.

Top 3 things learned:

1) I learned the importance of grouping an image together so that when you move one piece of the image it won’t mess up the other elements.

2) I learned how to effectively use the arc tool to create curved lines in an image.

3) I learned how much I love illustrator and how to make images more personalized.

Programs/Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator

Top Logo – Font #1 Name & Category: A song for Jennifer (decorative)

Top Logo – Font #2 Name & Category: NA (only one font used)

Middle Logo – Font #1 Name & Category: The Skinny (sans serif)

Middle Logo – Font #2 Name & Category: Voluptate (script)

Bottom Logo – Font #1 Name & Category: Voluptate (script)

Bottom Logo – Font #2 Name & Category: NA (only one font used)

How the logo represents the company:

This company is a personal company I am in the process of starting up. I will be selling home décor and accessories. These items will be handmade, for the most part, so I wanted to make the logos look like they were hand drawn. The style of these items is shabby chic so I made the logos to follow this style. The first logo represents a vintage/shabby chic piece of jewelry and the bottom two are shabby chic home décor items.

Votes on favorite logo:

Top Logo = 4 ; Middle Logo = 6 ; Bottom Logo = 2 ;

My favorite logo was = It’s hard for me to pick just one because I like all of them for different reasons. If I has to choose I would choose the middle one because it also explains what the company offers.



Project 4: Montage

Description: This is a montage project I made with Photoshop in celebration of the upcoming Christmas season with one of my favorite Dr Seuss quotes.


  1. I googled images of Christmas trees and DIY wrapped Christmas presents and selected the pictures that I liked.
  2. Then I cropped the background image to 8.5×11.
  3. Then I placed the second image of the presents in Photoshop and created a mask.
  4. Then using the brush tool I blended the image into the background image by decreasing the opacity.
  5. I choose a decorative font for my title which I typed in and enlarged on the background.
  6. Then I choose a contrasting San Serif font to use for my quote.
  7. I aligned the title, quote, and authors name to the right hand side of the image.

Top 3 things learned:

  1. How to use different layers in a project.
  2. How to blend multiple images into one.
  3. How to use Photoshop to make a montage about various topics.

Programs/Tools Used: Adobe Photoshop

Font #1 Name & Category: A Song For Jennifer – Decorative

Font #2 Name & Category: Myriad Pro – Sans Serif

Thumbnails of Images used:


Sources (Links to images on orginal websites):



Project 3: Imaging

8.5 x 11 Project:



This is a photograph I personally took in an apple orchard and then edited and formatted it using Adobe Photoshop.


I took this photograph using my Canon PowerShot camera in the apple orchard on Brigham Young University-Idaho campus. I used the macro setting to bring the apple in the foreground into focus and blur the background of the image. I then opened my image in Photoshop and cropped it to a 6×6 inch square. After that I adjusted the vibrancy of the entire image to boost the colors a bit and also made the colors warmer. I then used the quick selection tool to select the apple in the foreground of my image and then choose to inverse my selection so that I could change the background. I then de-saturated the background of the image to really help the red color of the apple in the foreground pop.

Top 3 things learned:

1) I learned how to use the selection tool in Photoshop to manipulate parts of the image while leaving other sections untouched.

2) I learned how to use the macro tool on my camera more effectively to blur the background of a photograph.

3) I also learned that the editing possibilities in Photoshop are seemingly endless.

Programs/Tools Used:

Cannon PowerShot Camera and Adobe Photoshop

6×6 cropped/edited image:


Original unedited/uncropped image:


Project 2: Event Ad

P2JohnnaMcClellan-page-001Description: This is a full bleed ad for a fundraiser for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The flier is made using Microsoft Word, iPhoto, and a scanner.

Process: I went through several magazines to find the proper picture for the event that I was trying to make. I was then able to scan the picture and adjust it using iPhoto to change the exposure because I felt it was too washed out the way it was before I edited it. I learned a lot about using Word and learned that it had several features that could be beneficial if I was not able to use Adobe products and just had access to Word to make a flier.

Top 3 things learned:

1) I learned that designing in Microsoft Word can be really frustrating compared to using the more advanced InDesign program.

2) I learned that in Microsoft Word you are able to do several features that you can do in Adobe, so if I ever needed to throw a flier together with limited program access then I could use Word.

3) I learned that a lot of times when you think you have the best idea for a draft that sometimes your mind will open up and you will have several different ideas that are better than your original.

Program(s) / Tools used:

  1. Scanner
  2. iPhoto
  3. Microsoft Word

Font #1 Name & Category: Hang Board 123, Decorative

Font #2 Name & Category: Arial, Sans Serif

Scanned images used,  sources, original sizes: This image was from the Annual 2013 Secondhand Treasures magazine. The original size was 4” x 6”. I scanned the picture on high resolution so that I could adjust the size of the picture and not lose quality. Now the final size is 1690 x 1130 pixels.

Project 1: Flier


Description: Black and white flier promoting a graduate leadership conference.

Process: I began my design process by creating four sketches of what the layout of my flier might look like. I then went into Adobe InDesign and tried out the different ideas until I chose the one that was most visually appealing. I used a black box and white text to create contrast as well as bolded text and strokes to create repetition and flow. The logo, picture and content of this flier were provided for me. I did a spell check on the text and formatted the flier on my own.

Top 3 things learned:
It is more difficult than it seems to place all of the information you are given on a flier without making it look crowded.
Contrast is critical in order to create an eye-catching flier. 
I learned the importance of white space and to embrace it rather than being afraid of it. 

Program(s) / Tools used: I used Adobe InDesign to create this flier.

Title Font Name & Category:

Rockwell- Slab Serif

Copy Font Name & Category:

Arial- Sans Serif

Links to all images I used in this project: