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This is me, Johnna McClellan. I am a first time blogger with a lot to share. Currently a sophomore at Brigham Young University-Idaho I have recently changed my major to communications with an emphasis in public relations. I feel that I have finally found my calling! I have a lot to learn, but approach every step with energy and excitement.

When asked where I’m from I never know quite how to reply. I choose to claim the great state of Texas as I was born there and have lived in several different cities over the years. However, I was privileged to grow up in the melting pot of Schaumburg, Illinois about 30 minutes northwest of Chicago. I graduated from high school in Louisville, Colorado and have enjoyed developing lasting friendships in every place I’ve been.

Creativity is very important to me. I love photography, decorating, and making things beautiful and appealing. Fashion has always drawn my attention and is something I hope to pursue through the communications field.

I had the wonderful opportunity to serve an 18 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on temple square in Salt Lake City, Utah. Not only did my mission strengthen my faith in Jesus Christ and shape me into the woman that I am today, but it also taught me professional communication skills as I interacted with people from all over the world. I played a very important part in presenting a positive image to all who visited.

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On a more personal note I am engaged to marry my best friend, Travis McGarrah, on May 11, 2013. At the moment I am attempting to balance my time between getting all of the details for my wedding worked out to perfection, continuing to succeed in school, and fulfill my position as lead registration specialist at the Student Records and Registration office on the BYU-Idaho campus. I couldn’t be any more blessed!

I am the oldest of two girls completing our small family of four. Jillian, my younger sister and her husband Nate live only four hours away and we visit whenever possible. My extended family has grown and blossomed over time with the death of my mother back in 2008 and the inspired addition of my amazing step mom Kay. I love my family with all of my heart and am constantly grateful for their support and guidance. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!  fam nj wedding


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