12.7 Marriage Blog

Money and In Laws… the real struggles of marriage. I can’t believe we waited until the end of the semester to talk about these two topics. These are some of the hardest things about marriage. Most marriages, like my own, the in laws can cause a real struggle. My in laws are great, but I don’t understand where they come from and my husband’s family background. It has taken me years to start to understand his family and start to love them for the people that they are.
I think being able to get along with people is key to having a successful marriage. When we are able to really focus on our relationship with our spouse, we will be able to have a strong relationship with our in laws as well.
Money is a big issues with marriage and can cause a lot of stress. My husband does a lot of our money and bills, but he does a great job of expressing our money and financial issues to me. He works really hard to get our finances in order and now that he has a job we are able to really focus on getting in the best state financially to have a successful marriage.
If you can survive in laws and money problems in a marriage you will without a doubt have a successful marriage.

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