11.8 Marriage Blog

Out of all the reading that we had this week, my favorite talk was the one giving by President Eyring titles “That We May Be One.” As I read the talk I found a couple key points that really made an impression on my heart and mind.
1. The requirement that we be one is not for this life alone.
I find myself constantly looking at life and only thinking about this life and not thinking about the future life and what is in store there. I have always felt that it can cause me to daydream too much. But after reading this talk I believe it is essential to not only look at this life, but to look forward to the next life and the many ways that we are going to be able to be one with not only our spouse but the rest of our spiritual family.
2. We remember God when we pray as a family.
Since I have been married for almost 3 years, my husband and I had started to become complacent with several aspects of our lives and that included our family prayers. You would think that something so simple would be easy to do every night, but without a doubt we would miss our prayers on a regular basis. Since we moved to Dallas in August, we have been blessed to live with my father who has again instilled in our lives the importance of family prayer. I can say that without a doubt I feel closer to my husband, my father, and God because I have the chance to pray as a family every night.
This talk was great and had many awesome points.

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