9.6 Marriage Blog

Both of the books were amazing. I really loved everything that we read from the books. Probably my favorite chapter that I read from this week was the chapter about charity in Goddard’s book. I felt that I could really connect with what he was trying to teach.
I have not always been the most charitable person, but I feel that I have had many people in my life that are very charitable. My husband is a great example of someone that has charity. Almost everything that Goddard taught for using charity in a relationship fit my husband perfectly. He always thinks about what is best for other people before he thinks about what is best for himself. I can truly say that because of his example, I have become a better person and it helps make out relationship stronger because it makes me want to be more charitable.
In response to Brother Barnett’s question about anger in my relationships, I really try to think about how my emotions and reactions would make other people feel. This helps me keep a level head and not react to everything based on emotion. When I am able to do this it really helps strengthen my relationships.

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