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My favorite part of the preparation this week was reading the talk “Agency and Anger” by Elder Robbins. His talk was very essential to understanding how to have a successful relationship. One of my favorite references was when he talked about the scripture in Ephesians 4. I like how we are taught that we cannot have anger and be of God. I think often times we get caught up in the moment and we do not realize the damage that we can cause if we have anger while we talk to people. But at the end of the day when we are angry we are the ones that are harming other people and ourselves. We need to remember to not be hateful.
I also loved hearing about anger being unchecked. All too often we do before we think. But as we live our lives and think before we do things, our relationships will be stronger and more beneficial. I think we really are blessed when we keep our anger checked. That is how we will experience the most happiness in this life.
Seek to Understand Activity

This was a great learning activity for me. As I took the time to identify situations that caused arguments in our relationship I was able to see how little things were really the things that affected us the most. The three situations that I mention are all menial things and should not really be issues. I think we do a great job of not letting big things bother us, but we need to really work on the small issues and allowing those to go over easier.

If we allowed the smaller situations to not be a big deal like the big problems, then we would likely not have very many situations that caused us to have disagreements. I really feel like we do a great job of getting along and expressing ourselves in ways that do not cause arguments.

My husband is a great example of making amends when he knows it will truly help make a difference in the argument. He never lets little things get under his skin. He is truly amazing and makes me love him when he is able to have a level head and respect the situations that arise in our relationship.

I really appreciated being able to look for situations throughout the week that led to arguments and being able to study those. As I stepped back I learned the keys to what will help my husband and I be successful. I plan to share my understanding and findings with him. I know that as we strive to always be understanding before we argue and let the little things become big that we will have a long and happy marriage.


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