7.6 Marriage Blog

In this weeks reading I really enjoyed President Benson’s talk. I felt it was very powerful and is perfect for any relationship.
My favorite quote from the talk was “Fear of men’s judgment manifests itself in competition for men’s approval. The proud love ‘the praise of men more than the praise of God'”. I think this quote is something that anyone in a relationship should live by and think about daily. I know that when I personally focus on not trying to please anyone but God and my spouse that we are better off and we aren’t always bickering at each other or trying to one up everyone else to get their approval.
I also love the quote “Let us choose to be humble.” I love that humility is a choice and that we are able to choose how we want to live our lives. I truly feel that as we are humble we will be in the most successful relationships and be able to live worthy of being led by the Spirit.
The reading this week was amazing and I really loved everything that we read. I look forward to the activities this week and seeing how they tie in to everything.

Beware of Pride

After reading this week and considering the questions from this assignment I think the most common pride game that my husband and I play in our marriage is keeping score. I have always tried to not play this game, but my husband in notorious at playing this game and trying to keep everything even on our relationship. I try to point out to him that that is not the way that a relationship works. When we don’t try to keep score our relationship is a lot more positive.

The second marriage game that I see a lot in my relationship is getting others to create an alliance. I have noticed that both my husband and I like to get our friends involved and side with us so that we feel justified in our decisions. But this is not what is going to make us most happy because we are always going to bicker with each other when our friends and family get involved.

This was an eye opening assignment and I enjoyed considering the pride games that affect my relationship with my husband. I am going to do everything that I can to not play these games so we can continue to have a strong and happy relationship. I really want to continue to have a strong relationship so this is key.


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