Infographic Plan

At the moment I am kind of torn between a couple of different ideas for my infographic. I have been thinking about trying to start up a photography business after I graduate, but there is still a lot I need to learn in order to do that. One of those things is how to actually make some decent money doing what I love. So I am thinking about doing my infographic on how to make good money as a photographer/designer. My other idea seems pretty out there, but stick with me and you’ll understand. I am thinking about possibly making an infographic about something related to men’s fashion. For my senior project I am working for a men’s lifestyle/fashion magazine and I think that this infographic might be a nice addition to my work for them. I will continue to do some research and look for inspiration on Pinterest before I make my final decision. So the photography infographic idea would probably fall under the how to category while the men’s fashion infographic would fall more in either the research results or tips category depending on the direction I choose to go with it.


Possible topics would include:

– proper pricing techniques

– photo books

– framing

– prints

– announcements

– props


– How to Make Money as a Photographer

– Photography: It’s not just about the pictures

– A Good Photographer Sells the Experience


Possible topics/Hooks would include:

– Today’s Most Popular Hairstyles

– Outfit Essentials

– The Evolution of Men’s Fashion

Check out my ever expanding Infographic Inspiration board on Pinterest!


5/6 (Wed) – Gain inspiration on infographic ideas
5/8 (Fri) – Start researching & gathering data
5/12 (Tues) – Get ideas from infographic generator
5/13 (Wed) – Start sketching
5/14 (Thurs) – Pick color theme and fonts
5/15 (Fri) – Get feedback
5/16 (Sat) – Start vectorizing and creating graphs
5/19 (Tues) – Get feedback
5/20 (Wed) – Refine graphics and charts
5/22 (Fri) – Seek evaluation
5/25 (Mon) – Refine and finish
5/29 (Fri) – Turn in infographic and video


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