OSES (Ordinary Spot – Extraordinary Shot)

I LOVE looking for extraordinary shots in rather ordinary spots! It always helps me to push my creative boundaries and I usually end up finding beauty I might’ve otherwise overlooked. My mantra as a photographer and a designer is all about living in the details and to me this challenge absolutely embodies what I am all about.

For this particular shoot I took a walk around the BYU-Idaho campus on a Saturday evening about 7pm as the sun was beginning to set. My initial plan was to visit the apple orchards because I knew the trees were in bloom for the spring season. I took some pretty pictures of the trees and the flowers with the soft orange sunlight peeking through. Although they were beautiful they didn’t really feel very original or impressive considering the obvious beauty of the place.

So I decided to walk towards one of the buildings on campus to try to find something more creative. I was lucky to happen upon the greenhouse on campus just as the sun was setting. It was obviously gorgeous, but then I turned around and saw the reflection in the greenhouse glass and to me that was even more beautiful. There were also some cactus plants growing right in front of the greenhouse that I decided to shoot. Since the light was fading I had my husband use his iphone flashlight to light the particular cactus I was trying to focus on. The light added the perfect element to the photo and brought out the tiny textural details in the cactus that might’ve otherwise been lost.




JohnnaMcGarrah-CactusEJohnnaMcGarrah-SunsetReflection3E JohnnaMcGarrah-SunsetReflectionE

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