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Infographic Plan

At the moment I am kind of torn between a couple of different ideas for my infographic. I have been thinking about trying to start up a photography business after I graduate, but there is still a lot I need to learn in order to do that. One of those things is how to actually make some decent money doing what I love. So I am thinking about doing my infographic on how to make good money as a photographer/designer. My other idea seems pretty out there, but stick with me and you’ll understand. I am thinking about possibly making an infographic about something related to men’s fashion. For my senior project I am working for a men’s lifestyle/fashion magazine and I think that this infographic might be a nice addition to my work for them. I will continue to do some research and look for inspiration on Pinterest before I make my final decision. So the photography infographic idea would probably fall under the how to category while the men’s fashion infographic would fall more in either the research results or tips category depending on the direction I choose to go with it.


Possible topics would include:

– proper pricing techniques

– photo books

– framing

– prints

– announcements

– props


– How to Make Money as a Photographer

– Photography: It’s not just about the pictures

– A Good Photographer Sells the Experience


Possible topics/Hooks would include:

– Today’s Most Popular Hairstyles

– Outfit Essentials

– The Evolution of Men’s Fashion

Check out my ever expanding Infographic Inspiration board on Pinterest!


5/6 (Wed) – Gain inspiration on infographic ideas
5/8 (Fri) – Start researching & gathering data
5/12 (Tues) – Get ideas from infographic generator
5/13 (Wed) – Start sketching
5/14 (Thurs) – Pick color theme and fonts
5/15 (Fri) – Get feedback
5/16 (Sat) – Start vectorizing and creating graphs
5/19 (Tues) – Get feedback
5/20 (Wed) – Refine graphics and charts
5/22 (Fri) – Seek evaluation
5/25 (Mon) – Refine and finish
5/29 (Fri) – Turn in infographic and video


Completed Identity Project

For me college has really been about finding myself. Once I finally settled on Visual Communications as my major I felt like the journey towards further establishing my style and identity had finally begun. For the past few weeks I have been working on an Identity project for my Advanced Visual Media class. The goal of this project was to gain a greater understanding of ourselves and then translate that understanding into a visual object. At the conclusion of this project I now have 3 refined logo options to choose from that all represent my own personal style. My hope is that this cohesive branding will help me to attract future clients and employers that I’m interested in working with.

I began this project, as I find myself beginning most projects, on Pinterest searching and pinning inspiration. This got my creative juices flowing so I followed that up by sketching out some of my ideas.


This part of the project may have been the most difficult for me. First, I realized that I’m really not very good at sketching and as a perfectionist this frustrated me. I also realized that I have a pretty good idea about what I like and dislike as well as how I want to visually portray my style. Since this is the case I felt totally stuck after only sketching about 15 different logo ideas. I am a very visual person so it was difficult for me to envision how these logos were really going to look without actually starting to design them in Adobe Illustrator.

The next step of my process, however, proved to be the most helpful. I began to try out different designs in Illustrator. This is when my creativity and inspiration really started to kick in. Below you can see a few examples of the process I went through for each of the 3 final logos I chose to represent my brand.

This first one is more of a personal logo idea since I didn’t include anything about photography or design with the typography. I also included the year I was born to personalize it a bit more. I like the simplicity of the neutral colors because I feel like it could go on anything. As a photographer I will be using my logo on photographs so adding a lot of color to my logo isn’t a good idea.





After this logo I decided to pick a color scheme that I could use as I develop my professional website and also on things like a letterhead or resume. The colors I picked are all kind of flat and earthy. My style has a really vintage or antique feel to it and I think these colors illustrate that.


I made a lot of edits and changes to this next logo from the time I started the design until I finally decided on the design I liked the best. I am a very detail oriented person so I really like all of the little elements included in the feather. In fact, my tagline is ‘Live in the details’ and I think this logo absolutely embodies that mantra. My final choice logo design choice from this batch is the one I decided to incorporate all 3 colors in. Here are a few examples of the process I went through for this one.





The final logo I chose to represent me is one that I actually designed a couple of semesters ago so that I would have something to put onto my photographs. I have been pretty happy with this logo and feel that it represents me well, but I still decided to take a closer look to see if I could refine it a bit more. I ended up changing the font in the middle and I actually think I like it a lot more now. This is the logo I will continue to use for my photography, but I want to possibly incorporate the feather logo on some of my other designs, business cards, and website where colors would be appropriate.




After all of the tweaking and re-tweaking I finally decided on 3 refined logo designs that I am proud to present and that I feel best represent me and my style as a designer. They are placed on the page below starting with my favorite logo on top.


Movie Poster

Taking a good self-portrait is a lot more difficult than I initially thought. I have been researching and pinning movie poster ideas for several weeks now, but when it came down to the actual execution of each photo I began to get frustrated. As a perfectionist I am always very picky about every detail of the photography that I present. If it’s not perfect, or pretty dang close, then I don’t want to show it to others. This personality trait coupled with the fact that I would be showcasing my face on the final product was basically a lethal combination. Luckily, after a lot of hard work and editing I was able to create the movie poster you see below.

I am currently in the midst of my 4th consecutive semester of school and my very last semester before graduation. It has been a long journey and although I am so thankful for all of the amazing things I’ve learned I’m getting burned out and ready for a break. This Scream movie is based on my exhausting journey through my last semester of school.

I took the photograph of myself by setting up my camera on a tripod and focusing on a chair placed directly where I would position my face for the photo and then turning my camera on manual focus so that the focus would be locked on that spot. I initially tried using a speedlight positioned to the side of my face, but I wasn’t getting the saturation of light on my face that I wanted so I decided to switch to my on camera flash and that worked a lot better. The initial photo was good, but my editing process is really what made the difference. I spent hours cleaning up and brightening my face to mimic the original poster and give it a cleaner look. However, I still liked some of the detail that the flash highlighted on my face because I feel like it adds to the drama of the photo a bit so I tried not to smooth everything out too much. I also selected the eyes on the original poster and copied the selection which I then placed over my own eyes. I lowered the opacity on them to match the lighting in my photograph and to again make them a bit more realistic. In the end I had a lot of fun putting this all together!


Original Poster:


Classmate Critiques: Daniel Flores & Ryan Joos

Original Unedited Photo (taken by Johnna McGarrah)