SQIBB (Studio Quality Invisible Black Background)

For Christmas last year my husband bought me a speedlight because I really wanted one. As a photography junkie I always want to spend millions of dollars on the latest and greatest camera gear, but as a poor college student my options are often limited so I was definitely excited to get this new toy! Although I’ve had the speedlight for several months now I have been hesitant to use it mostly because I didn’t really understand how to use it most effectively. I am definitely still learning, but I feel like I made a breakthrough this week with my SQIBB photographs! I had so much fun and am very pleased with the results. I love the awesome shadows I got when using my speedlight. It really adds that extra interesting element to my photos.

The portraits in this post are of my cute husband Travis. I actually took them in my kitchen underneath our ugly overhead light, but by using a speedlight and the proper settings on my camera I was able to achieve the super classy invisible black background that you see in these photos. I set my ISO as low as it goes at 100, my shutter speed at 1/200, and my aperture at about f22. These settings kept the background black and only illuminated the portions of the subject that the speedlight landed on. My husband helped me position the speedlight for my fine art photographs, but since he was the subject in the portraits I was on my own. Since I don’t have a light stand I was able to simply screw my speedlight onto my tripod.


JohnnaMcGarrah-TravSingSQIBBe JohnnaMcGarrah-TravDownSQIBBe JohnnaMcGarrah-TravBWSQIBBe


Setup Image


Final Product

JohnnaMcGarrah-LanternSQIBBe JohnnaMcGarrah-ElephantSQIBBe

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