Photo Book Final

Click on the image below to view the final PDF version of my Photo Book!

Wow, I don’t even know where to start. Creating this photo book was such a crazy adventure! I have never fully designed an entire book before and it was honestly thrilling to receive my final product in the mail. I worked on my photo book daily for a couple of weeks so it was constantly on my mind and I found that my creative process extended into every moment of my life even when I wasn’t in front of the computer actively designing. I looked for inspiration everywhere and when I was in front of a computer I would dive in and design for hours until my creativity was tapped out and I couldn’t possibly design another page. My goal with this book was to truly represent myself through each image and design choice. As I look through the final product I am proud to say that I see myself in every detail.

To me creativity is life and life is best lived in the details. My style is inspired by my love for all things vintage and antique so that is what I wanted to illustrate throughout my photo book. I love all things beautiful and I display that through my own personal clothing style as well as my home decoration choices. My photography and editing style and ultimately this photo book is an extension of who I am. My initial inspiration for this book came from a series of photographs I took for my best friend’s business. You can see some of these photographs on the front and back cover of my book as well as a few inside. From there I stuck with my favorite choice of earth tone colors for my pages and even the majority of my photographs. I then chose to use white for my text and other designs to contrast with the colored background and create a theme throughout. I love simple shapes like lines and circles because you can do so much with them creatively and transform these otherwise mainstream shapes into impressive designs.

I am so excited to create another photo book soon using the skills I have acquired from this creation. As I look back on this semester I am absolutely amazed at how far I have come as a photographer and designer. When I began I had a love for photography and design and a mind full of creative ideas, but I seriously lacked some of the necessary skills to translate those ideas into a visual image. Now I have an increased confidence in my work and skills. I understand my camera and many of the amazing things it can help me create. I am also in LOVE with Lightroom and the fabulous editing I can accomplish with it. This class has truly solidified the choice I made to major in visual communication and has taken my talents to the next level.

The Photo Book images not included in my blog previously are below:

JohnnaMcGarrah-YellowBus JohnnaMcGarrah-FieldSunFlarePSE JohnnaMcGarrah-KTBScarfPSE JohnnaMcGarrah-StephEyesPSE JohnnaMcGarrah-SunBurstTrain JohnnaMcGarrah-SunspotHorsesFineArt PhotoBookCovers2 JohnnaMcGarrah-StephNaturePark

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