Perspective of 12


JohnnaMcGarrah-GrassyChairR JohnnaMcGarrah-ChairSunsetR JohnnaMcGarrah-ChairFromAboveR JohnnaMcGarrah-ChairBackR JohnnaMcGarrah-BackChairR JohnnaMcGarrah-ArmChairR JohnnaMcGarrah-AbstractR


As anyone that has read or looked at many of my blog posts knows I am kind of obsessed with light. Ever since I realized that I could actually shoot into the light and produce interesting sun flares or spots on my photos I have tried to do that as much as possible. I tried a couple of different options before deciding on this idea for my assignment. I wanted to choose a subject that had enough dimensions that would allow me to capture some very different photographs while using the same object. I have to say that this assignment definitely stretched my creativity. I spent a lot of time exploring different ideas and moving myself around to see if I could come up with a different angle or viewpoint that I hadn’t seen at first. As I  got a little over halfway through capturing the 12 photographs I began to struggle for additional inspiration. When I reviewed my photographs in post, however, I was fairly pleased to see the varied details and viewpoints I was able to capture. When it comes to photography I think it can be very easy to get locked into certain perspectives we’re used to shooting or seeing in a lot of other photos. That’s why I am so thankful for this activity that pushed my creative limits. I’m excited to continue to implement this idea in future photo shoots in order to help me to constantly evolve as an artist.

3 thoughts on “Perspective of 12

  1. You have a really good eye for lighting and composition. I like how you took something simple, but look how amazing your shots are! Beatufiul. You got some great textures and great colors.

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