Flexible Edits

Smart Filter (Non-Destructive Edit)


Dodge & Burn (Non-Destructive Edit)


Adjustment Layer (Non-Destructive Edit)

IMG_8487 IMG_8628  IMG_8574 IMG_5609


For my first photograph of the pumpkin I added a cross process cooling filter to create a more rustic feel and add additional texture. I also sharpened the image a bit. I started out in Lightroom, but ended up doing most of my editing in Photoshop using a smart filter on a non-destructive layer to edit my photograph. I used the dodge and burn editing technique in Photoshop for the next two photographs. I hit shift+command+N on my Mac to create a new non-destructive editing layer for both. I then changed the mode to overlay and checked the box to fill the overlay with 50% gray. For the photograph of the kitten I used the dodge tool to lighten the kitty and bring back that little bit of shine in her eyes. I used the burn tool to darken the background and edges a bit creating a vignette. I also used the sliders in Lightroom to take out some of that yellowish color that was too prominent in the original. The second photograph of my friend Katie Bailey swinging at the pumpkin patch was a bit more difficult to edit. I used the dodge and burn tool just like I did for the kitten photograph to lighten Katie and darken the background and the sky. By darkening the sky a little with the burn tool I was able to illuminate additional texture and color. Darkening the background also helped Katie to stand out a bit more as well as my use of the dodge tool to lighten her image. The difficulty came when I started removing the face of her roommate Rachel that is peeking out from behind Katie on the left side of the photograph. When I used the lasso tool it just kept duplicating Katie’s red sweater in place of Rachel’s face, which looked weird so I had to try something else. I ended up using the spot healing tool at various sizes to remove the majority of Rachel’s face and then went back with the clone stamp and tried to cover up the rest and make it look as natural as possible. Luckily it is a small portion of the image so it isn’t very noticeable. For my last edit I created a non-destructive adjustment layer and used the curves tool to add a little extra red to the photograph. I also used the spot healing tool to remove some filter dust that was on the picture.

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