Bannack Ghost Town: Portraits


I shot this photograph as I was on my way out of one of the buildings and another photographer was posing Michael. It was an opportunity shot that I didn’t think much of at the time, but during post production I recognized the perfect moment I was able to capture. I added a Cross Process filter in Lightroom as well as a few other edits.


These next two photographs of Jake and Dusty are the same, but I liked the black and white and colored versions equally so I couldn’t decide between the two. These guys were hilarious and two of the best models I’ve ever worked with! We continuously threw out requests that they happily fulfilled which allowed us to get some great shots. I absolutely love this cowboy action shot.



I took a ton of photographs of these two interacting, but this was one of the few landscape shots I ended up with. I like the way that it causes your eyes to flow through it from the customer’s face, up the barber’s arm and down through his other arm which brings you in a full circle back to the customer’s face. I added a split tone filter in Lightroom along with various other edits to produce the final product. I wanted to create a vintage feel with this shot.

Reflector Portraits


Continuous Light



Wow, what a blast! My trip to Bannack Ghost Town in Montana was phenomenal to say the least. I have been looking forward to this trip ever since I registered for the class several months ago and it did not disappoint! In the weeks leading up to Bannack I was definitely excited, but also filled with anxiety at the thought of the huge assignment required of us. I am obsessed with photography and could literally be out shooting all day every day, but that doesn’t always mean that I am able to produce large amounts of quality photos from those shoots. With the time constraint, assignment requirements, and endless photographic possibilities the pressure was on in Bannack. However, being around so many creative, like-minded people produced a contagious energy and excitement that got my own creative juices flowing. I decided to push myself and only shoot in Manual mode all day for the first time. Up until this point I have been afraid of using manual mode because I still feel like I lack some of the knowledge I need to capture quality photographs so I’ve been playing it safe in aperture or shutter priority modes. Taking test shot after test shot was my MO for most of the day as I continued to constantly adjust my settings so that my lighting was correct. As the day progressed I realized that I was actually starting to understand how my camera worked better than I ever had before. It took me less and less time to adjust my settings because I had a general idea of what I needed in an array of different lighting conditions. To the more experienced photographer this may seem silly, but I was ecstatic and ridiculously proud of what I accomplished that day. I can now say that I’m fairly comfortable shooting in manual mode, although I know that I still have a long way to go.

I felt like a member of the paparazzi as I shot the above portraits because I was constantly surrounded by several other photographers shooting pictures of the same subject I was shooting. We spent our time trying to stay out of each other’s shots and taking turns giving our models direction, although they were so good that they rarely needed it. The importance of shooting even when you’re not shooting was reinforced to me as I was able to capture several candid images of our models.

One thought on “Bannack Ghost Town: Portraits

  1. Awesome job Johnna! I love the portraits that you took of Dusty I think his name is and the indian girl! They look awesome:) Stellar job! Your first image of Michael Clap was also very unique and the Cold Process filter that you used in Lightroom looks great with that image. I am guessing that is what you used, right? Great job!

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