Bannack Ghost Town: Motion & Depth

Blurred Motion


I took this photograph inside of one of the old cabins because it was nice and dark which made it perfect for a slow shutter speed. Pictured is our TA for the day who helped out my group when we first arrived at Bannack. This photograph was one of the first ghost ones I took and afterwords my group all agreed that she should stand in the frame a bit longer so that we could capture a better image of her. However, in post production I really liked this creepy half ghost because it looks like she’s fading away. I added a split tone filter in Lightroom to enhance the spooky feel of this photo and even brightened up the ghostly image to really make her pop. Creepy!


For some reason the blurred motion photographs produced the best chill factor for me so I ended up adding black and white based filters to add to the ghostly feel. I imagine little unseen ghost children riding this merry-go-round in old abandoned Bannack.

Frozen Action


Natural window light is some of my favorite light to work with! To me this picture has captured a whimsical moment when a school teacher dances around at the end of a long school year. Photography is all about telling stories and this photograph definitely has one to tell.




Motion is one of my new favorite things to experiment with when it comes to photography. The blurred motion photographs I captured for this assignment were particularly fun because I feel like they really embody the whole ghost town feel. For each of the blurred motion photos I kept my shutter open for upwards of 6 seconds and used a tripod to help retain the clarity of the non-moving objects in both pictures. For my frozen action photo I shot continuously as the teacher danced and twirled by the window in order to get the best shot that I felt illustrated frozen motion. When it came to my depth shots I was looking to capture two objects that were far enough apart to provide two distinctly obvious focus points, but close enough together to allow for a nice blurred second point. The fence and the house you see pictured turned out to be the perfect combination! It is interesting to me how the change in focus also seems to change how to colors in each photo appear ever so slightly.

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