Bannack Ghost Town: Macro Abstract



I’m always excited when I’m able to catch some fun sun spots in my pictures. The texture in this photograph draws the eye and creates interest. I love the jagged wood and how it practically reaches out of this picture.






IMG_9209 IMG_9574 IMG_9197 IMG_9221


As the title of my blog suggests, I’m all about the details and texture is one of my favorite details to highlight. It is rare that shooting portraits draws my interest over the huge assortment of details that surround me, but with the access to interesting and talented models that this trip provided my focus was definitely divided. At the conclusion of the trip I was concerned that I had spent too much time shooting portraits which caused me to neglect the beautiful details and textures that were usually my favorite. Fortunately I found that I had captured several interesting macro and texture shots as shown above. I was amazed at how beautiful wood could be when shot up close. The texture and colors of the wood were incredibly eye catching. My goal with each of these photographs was to capture the vintage, rustic feel of Bannack and I think these pictures do a pretty good job of that. I created a shallow depth of field in most of these pictures to accentuate every detail as much as possible. The last two photographs displayed are an editing example of blending that I did in Photoshop. For the first one I decided to use all of each picture, but for the second one I erased parts of the lace background so that it would only be displayed on that first jar.

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