Bannack Ghost Town: Best of Bannack



I am not entirely sure if I would classify all of these photographs as my best, but they are definitely some of my favorites that remained after I completed the other aspects of our Bannack projects. As a photographer I am always itching to get just ‘one more shot’ so the first photograph in this post was taken as I headed back to the buses at the end of the day along with the last remaining stragglers. I really wanted to capture the essence of the abandoned ghost town, which was nearly impossible earlier in the day when it was swarming with photographers. I also took several reflection pictures because those windows perfectly captured them. I thought about removing the photographers from that shot, but decided that I liked the story that it told with them in it. I got on the ground and added some grain to the next shot to produce a bit of a creepy vibe. Everything was incredibly dusty in Bannack and I liked it because it added character and an interesting story element to my next two pictures. I chose to do my dusty old mill picture in black and white to draw the focus to the dust and the following picture in sepia to bring out the texture even more. My final picture is another HDR that I really liked particularly because of the fun sun-flare in the corner.

2 thoughts on “Bannack Ghost Town: Best of Bannack

  1. I really like your third picture! Is it a perambulator? Whatever it is, I love the angle you got and the filter that you used. It is so classy and very interesting. Great job!

  2. Wow, These are amazing. I love the reflection you were able to get in the window. I really thought the edits you did on the first shot of Bannack is really affective in creating a old ghost town feel. Way to go!

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