Speed-lighting (in-class activity)

Class Edit:

JohnnaMcGarrah-Brinley copy

Further Edits:


Brinley: 10/15/2014- 1:11 PM- Rexburg, ID- 46.0mm- f 5.0- 1/250- Canon EOS Rebel T3i- speed light



I have used a speed light one other time this past summer when I shot photographs for my step-sisters wedding, but at the time I really didn’t know how to properly use it. The light was attached to the top of my camera and I remember pointing it towards thew ceiling when I shot inside, but I honestly didn’t know why. I also shot a couple of photographs of them exiting the reception and because it was so dark outside I ended up pointing the speed light directly at them. This was the first time I used a speed light on a stand. The side lighting it produced on Brinley’s face was awesome! I shot this photograph in the basement of the Spori building on the BYU-I campus just in the little alcove next to the stairs. By underexposing my camera I was able to get  my surroundings to seem darker than they actually were. In retrospect I would’ve lowered my exposure even more, but seeing that it was my first time using a speed light correctly and being pressed to finish the assignment during class I was happy with my results. The top photograph is the one I quickly edited in class so that I could turn it in. I added a vignette around the corners, sharpened the entire photo a bit, and used the spot healing tool to remove any skin imperfections in Lightroom. I then brought it into Photoshop and used the mixing brush to smooth out her skin. On the second edit I added onto the first once I got home that day.

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