Lighting with Reflectors: Portraits





Silver- Bending

Without Reflector (BEFORE)


With Reflector (AFTER)


1. Laughs with KT: 10/10/2014- 5:21 PM- Rexburg, ID- 34.0mm- f 4.5- 1/500- Canon EOS Rebel T3

2. Rachel: 10/10/2014- 5:40 PM- Rexburg, ID- 34.0mm- f 5.0- 1/320- Canon EOS Rebel T3

3 & 4. I Mustache You a Question: 10/10/2014- 5:47 PM- Rexburg, ID- 35.0mm- f 5.0- 1/160- Canon EOS Rebel T3


It has been fun focusing on shooting portraits since I most often focus on more abstract things when it comes to photography. However, when shooting portraits, especially ones that involve the use of a reflector, it is difficult having to rely on so many people for help. I have seen reflectors used in photography before and using them myself this time most definitely caused me to flash back to my senior pictures many many years ago. I was AMAZED at how much of a difference they could make in my photographs! I am excited to buy one of my own because I was able to see what an asset they were during this shoot. My models and crew weren’t available to shoot until after 5pm so I was racing against the sunlight to get these pictures done, but the reflectors allowed me to catch even the fading light and use it to my advantage. I took the first portrait in pretty direct sunlight so the use of the diffuser softened it up nicely. For the second one I enjoyed practically blinding my model with the gold reflector. She was a good sport! I love the warmth the gold reflector produced in this photo. When shooting the last two photos I realized that I moved slightly, but they were taken back to back. The fading light in the first one actually caused me to stumble slightly when it came to capturing a sharper focus on her face, but as you can see in the next one the reflector helped me to sharpen my focus. In Photoshop I smoothed her skin with the mixing brush, removed minor blemishes with the spot healing tool, and sharpened her eyes slightly to give them that pop I wanted.

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