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1.-5. Bright Sunshiny Day: 10/7/2014- 5:13 PM- Rigby, ID- 100.0 mm- f 4.5- 1/4000- Canon EOS Rebel T3

6. Girl in the scarf: 9/22/14 – 5:26 PM – Rexburg, ID – 46.0 mm – f 5.0 – 1/80 – Canon EOS Rebel T3

7. Birdhouse: 9/30/14 – 5:45 PM – Rexburg, ID – 80.0 mm – f 4.0 – 1/30 – Canon EOS Rebel T3

8. Serenity: 10/7/14 – 2:43 PM – Rexburg, ID – 35.0 mm – f 4.5 – 1/800 – Canon EOS Rebel T3

9. Sunset on the Range: 10/7/14 – 6:02 PM – Rigby, ID – 23.0 mm – f 22 – 1/40 – Canon EOS Rebel T3

10. Abandonment: 10/7/14 – 3:37 PM – Archer, ID – 18.0 mm – f 4.0 – 1/160 – Canon EOS Rebel T3


I really wanted to experiment a bit more with light this week so I drove around Rexburg and even ventured out into Rigby for several hours one day shooting tons of photographs and looking for inspiration. For my batch edits I chose a series of photographs I took of some dandelions mixed with some light flares and spots from the sun. I did a lot of little tweaks with these photos. I bumped up the exposure and light in the photos slightly, increased the shadows to provide some additional contrast, changed the yellow hue to bring out the greens in the pictures a bit more, added some additional grain, and even included a slight vignette on the corners of the photos. On the next picture I used the spot healing tool in Lightroom to remove a few blemishes on the subjects face. The next photograph was taken in the apple orchard and I realized once I looked at this picture at home that I hadn’t quite lined it up right as the birdhouse was a little crooked so I used the straighten crop tool to fix that right up. I took the next photograph of a plant in my house. When I put it on the windowsill it my camera created a silhouette of the plant because of the excess backlighting. I wanted to be able to see the plant a little better so I used the adjustment brush in Lightroom to select and brighten only the plant. I took the photograph following that just as the sun was setting over some farmland in Rigby. I wanted to add more color and texture to the sky so I used the gradient tool to get that effect. Finally I spent some time in Archer shooting photographs of an abandoned brick building. In Lightroom I used the sharpening tool to highlight the textures of both the brick and the wooden door.

IMG_5622 IMG_5623 IMG_5625 IMG_5626 IMG_5642 IMG_4651 IMG_5198 copy IMG_5422  IMG_5666IMG_5479

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