Flora & Fauna



  1. Red Berries: 9/30/14 – 5:09 PM – Rexburg, ID – 110.0 mm – f 4.5 – 1/32 – Canon EOS Rebel T3
  2. Fall Showers: 9/30/14 – 6:14 PM – Rexburg, ID – 80.0 mm – f 4.0 – 1/10 – Canon EOS Rebel T3
  3. Thorn Flower: 9/30/14 – 3:55 PM – Rexburg, ID – 75.0 mm – f 4.0 – 1/500 – Canon EOS Rebel T3
  4. Fallen Fruit: 9:30/14 – 5:45 PM – Rexburg, ID – 75.0 mm – f 4.0 – 1/20 – Canon EOS Rebel T3
  5. Chuck: 9:30/14 – 4:03 PM – Rexburg, ID – 80.0 mm – f 4.0 – 1/50 – Canon EOS Rebel T3
  6. Ducky Dynasty: 9/30/14 – 3:49 PM – Rexburg, ID – 75.0 mm – f 4.0 – 1/1000 – Canon EOS Rebel T3


This week I was reminded that I am truly an amateur photographer. I struggled with taking the flora and fauna photos much more than I initially thought I would. Natural light is my best friend, but when it is taken away I seem to be at a bit of a loss. Every time I had a break in my hectic schedule and decided to go out and shoot some photographs it began to rain! I don’t mind getting a little wet, but naturally I had to protect my beautiful, expensive, camera. I spent most of my time either trying to balance my umbrella and my camera while still getting a clear shot or impatiently waiting out the rain in my car. Now I am quite a perfectionist in pretty much everything I do, especially artistically, so this was a problem. When the rain did occasionally stop it was usually pretty dark so my shutter would stay open a bit longer to compensate and my shot would come out blurry. I know that photographers deal with less than ideal conditions all of the time, but their expertise helps them to compensate. One day I will have some more tricks up my sleeve. I was filled with anxiety and frustration, but I remained determined as I took at least 100 photographs in the hopes that I could capture a few good shots. Above you can see some of the results of my crazy rainy adventures.

I pulled each of the photographs into Photoshop and sharpened them to try to clear up any unwanted blurriness. I boosted the brightness, contrast, vibrance and I even tweaked the saturation in some cases. I also manipulated the levels a bit to bring out certain colors. I used my 75-300mm lens to shoot these photographs because I knew I wanted to shoot most of them with a large aperture and my longer lens gives me access to a wider aperture range. I laid down on the wet grass to get the photograph of the leaves in the gutter, but it didn’t turn out quite as sharp as I would’ve liked. It was more difficult for me to find animals to photograph than plants. I shot the duck photograph with a fast shutter speed because the ducks kept moving and blurring in my pictures. It was cloudy and sprinkling outside which meant the light was really low and my picture turned out pretty dark. I lightened it to capacity in Photoshop, but it is still darker than I prefer.

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