Photo: Yellow Study


  1. When Life Gives You Lemons: 09/22/2014- 12:24pm- Rexburg, ID- 40.0mm- f 5.6- 1/80- Canon EOS Rebel T3
  2. Back to School: 09/22/2014- 5:59pm- Rexburg, ID- 36.0mm- f 25- 1/32- Canon EOS Rebel T3
  3. KT: 09/22/2014- 6:18pm- Rexburg, ID- 42.0mm- f 5.0- 1/64- Canon EOS Rebel T3
  4. 7 Yellow Balloons: 09/23/2014- 4:15pm- Rexburg, ID- 55.0mm- f 5.6- 1/1328- Canon EOS Rebel T3


Yellow is my favorite color! I particularly love the earthy yellow tones. Mustard yellow was one of my wedding colors and the center stone in my engagement ring is a yellow diamond, so I guess you can say that I’m kind of obsessed. Yellow is a happy, vibrant color that reminds me of the sunshine. I tried to take a variety of photographs to represent the color yellow. For my first photograph I used an f 5.6 aperture that produced a shallow depth of field that allowed me to bring the lemon into sharp focus and blur the edges around it. I love natural light and the beauty that it brings to my photographs. In the lemon picture I opened our sliding glass door to let some natural light into our kitchen. I didn’t do any edits to this photograph. For my second photograph I went to the bus yard in Rexburg on a rainy day which produced a very soft light. I used an f 25 aperture on this photo to try and get a large depth of field. My third photograph is of my friend, and gracious model, Katie Bailey. I took this photograph on the same day as the previous bus photo so the light was soft and perfect for portraits. I used an f 5.0 aperture for this photo in order to produce a shallow depth of field, which blurred the background and brought Katie into sharp focus. I boosted the color in Photoshop and used the dodge tool to brighten her eyes slightly. I took my final photo of the balloons in Smith Park this afternoon when the sun was shining because I wanted to let the sun shine through the balloons. I lightened this photo in Photoshop slightly to bring out the color in the front balloons a bit more.

3 thoughts on “Photo: Yellow Study

  1. I LOVE your color study. Great color to choose. I like the cohesiveness of the color in the various shots but how you captured very different things. Great pictures! I really liked the lemonade one. The composition with the lighting and angle made me thirsty for lemonade sitting in the Crossroads. Loved it!!

  2. I love the colors you could find! I also think it was excellent how you shot each photo as far as the lighting and angles go. I also love the sun flare in the balloon photo! It really helps capture the transparency of the balloons as well.

  3. I absolutely loved the angle of the shots that you took! I also think it’s funny that almost half the class chose yellow for their study. The lemonade one is probably my favorite. The consistency of it was just beautiful! Good work!!

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