Edit: Cutouts


Full Cutout:

Pumpkins: 10/15/2013- 3:00pm- Rexburg, ID- 5.0mm- f 2.8- 1/50- Canon PowerShot ELPH100HS

Partial Cutout:

Grad: 04/25/2014- 5:46pm- Provo, UT- 18.0mm- f 3.5- 1/40- Canon EOS Rebel T3


For my cutouts I chose two photographs that I had taken previously. I wanted my full cutout to have some character so I chose the pumpkins because instead of straight lines the outsides have a bumpy texture that makes them pop. I chose the graduation picture for my partial cutout because I wanted some type of straight line like a floor or table to act as my partial cutout. I opened both photographs in Photoshop and then used the quick selection tool to select the portions of each photo that I wanted to cut out. I made sure to zoom in so that I would get the cleanest margins possible. I then used the refine edge window to soften and feather the edges of my cutout to smooth out any imperfections. Finally I chose a black background for my pumpkins and a white background for my grad picture.

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