Project 9: Portfolio

Portfolio (

Project Corrections/Time spent:

I spent around 3 hours tweaking little details in most of my projects. I lightened the scanned image on my event ad and moved the logo down to line up with the corner of the image. I moved the text away from the edge of my montage project as suggested and lightened the opacity a bit more. I changed the body text on my business cards to American Typewriter, a slab serif, which was a better contrasting font to The Skinny, san serif, font that I used for the titles. I changed the opacity to 100% on the hexagons and lines on my brochure because it made the text hard to read and didn’t have the desired effect when I printed it off. I also made the stroke smaller on my folding lines so that it won’t take away from the design. I added a the process paragraph for my stationery and business card blog post because I had missed it previously and wanted to make sure I included it. I did a few other minor alignment tweaks to several of my projects as well.

Top 3 things learned in this course:

1) I learned to apply the principles of design to my projects. I now know why I like some designs as opposed to others. I have always liked to make things visually appealing, but now I know how to do it properly by following the rules I learned. 

2) I also learned the importance of white space. It allows the viewer to have some space to breathe and not get overwhelmed. Less is more. 

3) Finally I learned how to create professional designs while still letting my personality and style shine through. 

Future application of Visual Media:

I am so excited to apply all of the principles I learned in this class to my life! I love to design things in my personal life for my home and events and now I have the skills to do that. I am also in the process of opening my own business so I will be able to apply the things I have learned to everything I will need to design to get that off of the ground. I actually plan on using some of the things I designed in this class for my business such as the logos and even the brochure. I posted my portfolio to facebook just today and got an offer to design something for a former co-worker of my father’s. The possibilities are endless!

Programs/Tools Used: Adobe InDesign 

Font #1 Name & Category: The Skinny- San Serif

Font #2 Name & Category: American Typewriter- Slab Serif 

Thumbnails of Images used:




Sources (Links to images on original websites):


Project 8: Brochure








This is a double sided trifold brochure I created for my personal accessories and home decor company called Dainty Life.


First I set up my document in InDesign. I decided that I was going to do a traditional trifold brochure so I set the guides before I began the design process. I then went to the logos I made for a previous project and choose the one that I thought would work best on the front page of this brochure. I chose the cover photo which is of my friend wearing a scarf that I crocheted and will sell as part of my business. I typed up the body copy and decided which flaps I wanted it to be on. I took the photograph of my friend that is on the front page into photoshop and added the cloud picture in and put a mask on it to blend the two pictures together better. I also used the clone stamp to add clouds into the original picture so that it would flow more naturally. On the inside I chose to use several of my original photographs and make a collage on one of the flaps so that those viewing the brochure could see some of my work that I would be putting up for sale on canvas. These photographs also give people an idea of my style. To make the inside visually interesting I added various stripes and polygons keeping with the color theme of my brochure. I lowered the opacity on most of the lines and the polygons to add a different visual element. I took the photograph of my jewelry and opened it in Photoshop. I then used the quick select tool to choose the parts of the image that I wanted in my brochure. I then clipped the background out of my image and placed it into my InDesign document. After that I created a text wrap to go around the image. I made sure to put my contact information on the back of the brochure.

Top 3 things learned:

1) I learned how to clip a photograph in Adobe Photoshop and take out the background.
2) I learned how to use text wrap in InDesign and make sure that it wrapped around the image rather than the box that the image is in when you select it.
3) I also learned how to use simple lines in InDesign to make my brochure more visually appealing.

Program(s) / Tools used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign & Adobe Illustrator

Title Font Name & Category: The Skinny- Sans Serif
Copy Font Name & Category: American Typewriter- Slab Serif

Word Count: 265 words

Thumbnails of Images used:

Image   Image   Image   Image   Image   Image   Image   Image   Image   Image   Image   Image   Image   Image

Sources (Links to images on orginal websites):

All of the images are original photographs I took except for the image of the clouds. I got that image from the following website: