Project 3: Imaging

8.5 x 11 Project:



This is a photograph I personally took in an apple orchard and then edited and formatted it using Adobe Photoshop.


I took this photograph using my Canon PowerShot camera in the apple orchard on Brigham Young University-Idaho campus. I used the macro setting to bring the apple in the foreground into focus and blur the background of the image. I then opened my image in Photoshop and cropped it to a 6×6 inch square. After that I adjusted the vibrancy of the entire image to boost the colors a bit and also made the colors warmer. I then used the quick selection tool to select the apple in the foreground of my image and then choose to inverse my selection so that I could change the background. I then de-saturated the background of the image to really help the red color of the apple in the foreground pop.

Top 3 things learned:

1) I learned how to use the selection tool in Photoshop to manipulate parts of the image while leaving other sections untouched.

2) I learned how to use the macro tool on my camera more effectively to blur the background of a photograph.

3) I also learned that the editing possibilities in Photoshop are seemingly endless.

Programs/Tools Used:

Cannon PowerShot Camera and Adobe Photoshop

6×6 cropped/edited image:


Original unedited/uncropped image:


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