Project 1: Flier


Description: Black and white flier promoting a graduate leadership conference.

Process: I began my design process by creating four sketches of what the layout of my flier might look like. I then went into Adobe InDesign and tried out the different ideas until I chose the one that was most visually appealing. I used a black box and white text to create contrast as well as bolded text and strokes to create repetition and flow. The logo, picture and content of this flier were provided for me. I did a spell check on the text and formatted the flier on my own.

Top 3 things learned:
It is more difficult than it seems to place all of the information you are given on a flier without making it look crowded.
Contrast is critical in order to create an eye-catching flier. 
I learned the importance of white space and to embrace it rather than being afraid of it. 

Program(s) / Tools used: I used Adobe InDesign to create this flier.

Title Font Name & Category:

Rockwell- Slab Serif

Copy Font Name & Category:

Arial- Sans Serif

Links to all images I used in this project:



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